Offset print

Offset print is the most well known and widespread kind of print and actually may be considered as classic, especially if printing on paper or cardboard is under discussion. It is the principal mode of print for majority of printed matter. Printing multicolour brochures, making booklets and leaflets, making-up catalogues, production of posters, fine arts objects, all kinds of advertising materials, invitations, calendars, banners, labels – all that is the vast area of use for offset print.

Advantages of offset print:

  1. High precision in rendering of colours;
  2. Usage of basic colours (CMYK), complementary graphic pallet (Pantone), and also lacquer;
  3. Ability to make any kind of printed matter;
  4. Low cost of printing in case of medium and large printruns (from 1 000 - ...... copies).
  5. A great variety of ways for post-printing process – cut-offs, creasing, numbering, perforation, etc;
  6. High printing speed. 


Visiting cards, flyers, advertising booklets, catalogues, invitations, posters, brochures, calendars, labels, postcards, diplomas, official letterheads, menu cards, envelopes, self-copying blanks, folders.