Requirements to layouts

Materials shall be received only in electronic form and being presented by following means:

  • CD-s or DVD-s;
  • External storage units to be connected by USB wire and not requiring add-on drivers;
  • E-mail. 

Formats of electronic documents to be introduced into production:

  1. file formats ready for output : 
    - composite PDF (version 1.3); 
    - composite PostScript (level 2, level 3);
  2. File formats requiring minimum processing: 
    - EPS; 
    - images in formats TIFF, JPEG, PSD (Grayscale/CMYK/ Multichannel, 8 bit) not containing texts or vector graphics as it all is converted into raster image;
    - Corel Draw.

In case you don’t find the programme applied by you for preparation of your publication in the list specified above you may transfer your materials to PDF or PostScript file in compliance with our recommendations for preparation of PDF and PostScript files. Correctly arranged PDF files are the most preferable format to forward materials.