Requirements to layouts - General requirements to layouts

1.  General requirements to layouts
Publications of over 8 columns shall be implemented in multipage document support programmes. Allocating separate files for each column in such publications is inadmissible. In layout programmes multipage publications may be divided maximum into 8 files. The succession of pages in the file shall be the same as in the end publication. If there are a number of blank pages planned in the publication they shall also be present in the file. The file and the end publication shall correspond to each other page by page, there is no need for imposition – it is the task of our specialists.

2. Preparation for selective lacquering and extrusion 
In the layout file the areas of selective lacquering and stamp contours shall be in a separate layer of the document and toned with different colours. The tone of the lacquer shall be of 100-percent purity eliminating any halftones. The accuracy of lacquer application shall be ± 0.5 mm therefore the minimum measurements of the objects are approximately 2 mm.

The contour of the cut out shall be only stamp (extrusion, slot, perforation, etc.) contours.