Seals and stamps

NB! Ready for use within 4 hours!

FlashStamp is the most up-to-date technology for manufacturing seals and stamps. Today FlashStamp can be ordered also in Estonia. Stamps made according to FlashStamp technology, in comparison with other kinds of stamps, require no ink pad for moistening. A special ink pad is located under the impression protected by porous rubber material.


  • is able to make 20 000 perfect impressions;
  • due to reinforced plate at pressure the compressive strength is evenly distributed over the whole area of the impression;
  • preserves moisture in open air and can remain without cover for a long time;
  • enables the use of most delicate design elements;
  • is compact and convenient;
  • cover with special tiny locks eliminates the possibility of opening in one’s pocket;
  • doesn’t require tuning.